There are many non-surgical medical treatments that can significantly reduce pain and improve your quality of life.  Premier Spine & Sports Medicine specializes in advanced spinal care, musculoskeletal medicine, sports medicine, and regenerative medicine.  Our team is highly skilled in performing numerous spinal procedures in the treatment of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar conditions.  We provide comprehensive conservative care as well as cutting edge, non-invasive orthopedic treatments.

We treat many musculoskeletal conditions such as rotator cuff tendonitis, hip and knee osteoarthritis, as well as golfer's and tennis elbow.  Premier Spine & Sports Medicine also specializes in ultrasound guided procedures, both diagnostic and therapeutic, as well as in regenerative medicine.

Whether you're experiencing pain from a motor vehicle accident, playing sports, acute injury or chronic issue, we're here to help.  Our primary goal is to return you to a pain-free lifestyle quickly with comfort and convenience.  Premier Spine and Sports Medicine diagnoses and treats a wide range of symptoms and conditions:


●  Neck Pain
●  Low Back Pain
●  Mid Back Pain
●  Upper Back Pain
●  Shoulder Pain
●  Chest Pain

●  Rib Pain
●  Elbow Pain
●  Wrist Pain
●  Hand Pain
●  Finger Pain
●  Knee Pain

●  Hip Pain
●  Foot Pain
●  Ankle Pain
●  Sports Injury
●  Motor Vehicle Injury
●  Arthritis & Joint Pain

●  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
●  Fibromyalgia
●  Headaches
●  Orofacial Pain
●  Neuropathy
●  Sciatica

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